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Condo Hotel Key Facts
Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates, and it’s been noted as the fastest-growing city on the planet. In fact, it has all the makings of a blockbuster success of epic proportions. Here are a few of the accomplishments and projects underway that are helping to put this city on the map:

· Burj Al-Arab - The only seven-star hotel in the world

· Burj Dubai - Tallest tower in the world

· Mall of Arabia - Largest shopping mall in the world

· Palms Jebel Ali - Two largest manmade islands, with resorts and entertainment venues, just off the Dubai coast

· Dubailand – A collection of six ultra-modern theme parks including 45 mega-projects and 200 entertainment projects in development designed to create a tourism venue nearly three times the size of all of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

· Jebel Ali Port - Largest manmade port in the world

· Sky-walk - Longest foot bridge in the world

· World-class Sporting Events - Dubai World Cup (the world's richest horse race), Dubai Desert Classic (Golf) and Dubai Rugby Sevens

  Why to Invest in Condo Hotel Apartments?
  • Hasle Free Investment
  • Tax Free
  • Fully Furnished
  • 30 days personal use
  • High Rental Returns
  • Fully Furnished apartments
  • High Property Appriciation
  • Highest Occupancy Rate
  • Burj Al-Arab
  • Burj Dubai
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Palms Jebel Ali
  • Easy to sell

Dubai is to the Middle East what Hong Kong is to Asia: a capitalist boom town buzzing with activity. Most visitors to the region stop here for at least a day to browse the shops, eat in the restaurants and soak up the atmosphere of a city that oozes wealth and a general air of self-satisfied confidence.

Nestled between the languid Southern Gulf waters and sweeping desert, cosmopolitan Dubai is blessed by a superb year-round climate, and with its numerous opulent hotels, towering attractions, peerless shopping, stunning entertainment and commercial opportunities, makes Dubai an ideal destination for the traveller enjoying a luxury vacation or business trip.

Dubai's cityscape is undergoing dramatic redevelopment, with a number of record-breaking projects - including the planet's tallest five-star deluxe hotel (the Burj al-Arab), largest man-made marina (Dubai Marina) and largest man-made island (Palm Islands) - in progress. The Dubai Waterfront project is set to add 500 miles of man-made waterfront filled with canals and hotel-rich islands: a development the size of Manhattan!

Vast investment in luxury golf and entertainment resorts - such as Dubailand and Dubai Golf City - means the city is set for even more dramatic growth as a prestige destination, and Dubai's strategic Middle East location has made it popular as an international convention city.

Recognised as one of Asia's premier shopping cities, Dubai's tax-free shopping attracts visitors with its range of quality goods, notably gold and jewelry, electrical items and stylish fashions from Europe. The city's fine department stores, malls, boutiques and souks are complemented by a first-rate airport shopping centre and even retail festivals - adding a dash more entertainment to an already heady retail scene. Dubai is a world-class venue for many top sporting events: the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament, the Dubai Tennis Championships, Sevens Rugby Union tournament, Emirates off-shore Power Boat Grand Prix, and the UAE Desert Motorsport Challenge amongst them. Perhaps the city's blue riband sporting event is the world's richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup - a thrilling night time spectacle contested at the Nad Al Sheba track that attracts the finest thoroughbreds from around the globe.

Amongst Dubai's foremost outdoor attractions are its breathtaking golf courses: layouts such as Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the Emirates Golf Club set a memorable challenge. Take a desert safari or try the unusual desert pastime of ice skating at the rink in the Galleria shopping mall.

With its surfeit of great restaurants, bars, live music venues and nightclubs, Dubai offers full-on evening entertainment, after which you can retire to truly luxurious accommodation. Dubai offers over 400 luxury hotels, meeting the needs of the most discerning guests. Many of the world's most prominent hotel chains operate star-class hotels in the Emirates, among them being the seven-star Burj Al Arab. Even the standard facilities are exceptional with swimming pools, tennis courts and fully equipped health centres coming as standard. Top hotels generally offer a choice of fine restaurants, with several waterfront hotels having excellent beaches and extensive watersports facilities.

Featured Hotel Apartments
The Kensington Royale Residence will five star condo style hotel apartments in Dubai Sport City in Dubailand. The Kensington offers 8% guaranteed rental return to apartment owners.
Sports Plaza
Dubai Sport City
The Kensington Royale Residence will five star condo style hotel apartments in Dubai Sport City in Dubailand. The Kensington offers 8% guaranteed rental return to apartment owners. Kensington Royale
Dubai Sport City
The Cobe will five star condo style hotel apartments in Dubai Sport City in Dubailand. The Cube is expected to yieldngton offers 10% rental return to apartment owners.
Dubai Sport City
The Arabian Crowne will five star condo style hotel apartments in Dubailand. The Arabian Crowneor Residence offers 8% guaranteed rental return to apartment owners.
Arabian Crowne
The Quarttro in Jumeriah Village South will consists of 4 towers, offering 2 hotel and 2 commercial towers. The Quattro hotel apartments offers five star condo style hotel apartments in Jumeriah Village South with 8% to 10% rental return
Quattro Business
Jumeriah Village South
Legends Hotel Apartments in Dubai. Freehold Condo Style Hotel Apartments in Dubai - The Legends

· Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) - Proposed financial hub for the entire Middle East

· Dubai's Airport - Expansion underway to be able to handle 45 million passengers a year by 2018.

· Tax Incentives - 100% tax-free business environment

The Diamond in Diamond in Sport City will be condo hotel apartments. The  expected rental return 18%
The Diamond Plaza in Bahrain offers 9% rental guarantee. Apartments wilth sea view availalle
The Diamond
Dubai Sport City
Diamond Plaza

Smart and Hassle-free Property Investment in Dubai
Investing in Condo Hotel apartments is new and smart way. It is hassle free, safe and easy in investing in Dubai Condo Hotels apartments.

Most of condo hotels in Dubai offers apartment owners 30 days for personal usage.

A condo hotel apartment “condotel,” is typically located in a great vacation area such as Dubailand, Sport City and Business bay will provide investors a great holiday destination and excellent investment return. These Condo Hotels are in a four- or five-star property. And a management company takes care of all the hassles typically associated with ownership, including maintenance issues, operation of the amenities and services, and finding hotel guests.

Buy Dubai Condo Hotels in Pre-construction Phase
With many new condo hotel properties coming on the market in Dubai, when is the best time to buy? The answer is easy; in early pre-construction phases.

Most developers in Dubai begin selling their condo hotel units long before the property is built, and often before even the first shovel-full of sand is overturned. The idea behind a pre-construction purchase is that you're buying tomorrow's property at today's price.

A Deposit Holds Your Dubai Condo Hotel Unit
In most cases, you reserve your condo hotel unit with a deposit of about 10%. The Dubai condo hotels are one third that as compared with the price of in U.S. units.

The Construction Process
The developer starts marketing condo hotel a few months before the actual launch, sometime 8 month to year before the launch. The construction start once the building is launched and usually takes 2 to 3 years to complete.

The developer keeps you apprised of the building's progress.

Appreciation Makes Pre-construction Appealing
Some people wonder why they should buy in pre-construction phases in Dubai. After all, your deposit monies, 50% of the purchase price or more, are tied up for one to two years. The answer is you get in on the ground floor when prices are lowest and unit selection is greatest, particularly in a place like Dubai, which has only begun being developed and is just starting to grab worldwide attention among investors.

As the condo hotel is being built, it is gradually appreciating. And in a place as favourable as Dubai, that real estate appreciation can be significant, certainly well into double digits for each year that passes. Additionally, developers implement planned price increases at various stages of the selling process, often as many as three to five price hikes.

If you purchase your Dubai condo hotel unit at a pre-construction price, it could be worth significantly more at completion and even more after a few years of ownership. When you sell, that translates into a higher profit for you. The actual profit of course depends on the general market conditions, interest rates and competition.

Work with an Industry Expert
If buying a condo hotel unit in Dubai in the early pre-construction phase is best, how you do you find out about projects? After all, if you're like most investors considering Dubai these days, you're not living in the city. And even if you were, it's not as if there's a building structure to catch your eye as you drive by.

Your best bet is to find a real estate firm that specializes in Dubai condo hotels. Its associates will have regular contact with local developers who keep them apprised of new condo hotels becoming available. Additionally, their knowledge of the Dubai market will enable them to make recommendations regarding which ones you should consider and why.

Realtors who specialize in Dubai can provide you with enough data to analyze properties and ensure that you're comparing apples to apples. They'll likely be able to offer better choices for your consideration than the Dubai condo hotel you may have heard mentioned by a friend or in a newspaper article.

The realtor whom you choose should be familiar with Dubai's condo hotel developers and building trends. Most importantly, he or she should represent your needs as a buyer, first and foremost, not the developer's.


The Windsor Residence will five star condo style hotel apartments in Dubailand. The Windsor Residence offers 8% guaranteed rental return to apartment owners.
Oasis Tower in Dubai Sport City, Oasis Tower offers hotel apartments and residential apartments in Dubai Sport City
Windsor Residence
Oasis Tower
Dubai Sport City
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